CoreSync Brochure
CoreSync Brochure

The Molex CoreSync Solution is an open platform aligning disparate controls systems into orchestrated business outcomes.


Your investment in real estate is a major expense that until now has been an uncoordinated collection of building control systems that require management from sources that do not interact with the other.

Molex CoreSync manufactures the hardware, writes the code for the software, delivers the integrated solution, and supports our partners and customers. Our solution orchestrates these systems into a learning workspace that adjusts over time based upon use, not just set schedules.

Integrating field-proven cabling and
 wireless technologies, the low-voltage
 Molex CoreSync delivers a unique cost-effective design
 utilizing granularly distributed sensors
 to drive real-time energy usage data,
 occupancy reporting, dynamic controls
 and monitoring. The ability to migrate
 lighting and synergistically controlled
 building systems to an IP-based design
 creates business value and an asset for
 building developers and enterprises.

Molex solutions have been connecting
 business outcomes for over 80 years inside
 some of the industry’s top manufacturers.