CoreSync Technology Planning (CTP) provides a needed focus on technology and inserts critical skill sets into any new build or existing facilities technology efforts. Enabling technology adoption and empowering ecosystem players with a methodology for bringing in leading edge technologies without disrupting current construction or facilities management teams.


Whether you are building new or looking to improve capabilities in an existing facility the CTP process will identify the current technology state of the new or existing real estate asset and define an optimal architecture. CTP deliverables during the Conceptualization phase give you critical data & key metrics that support the decision making process. CTP defines use cases and business outcomes that will ultimately be the measurement of success of how technology enhances the asset. The CTP allows you to move forward in the construction process informed and confident.

Technology & Process Design

CTP empowers owners, architects and engineers by designing critical technology elements in a real estate project, while providing all the critical elements required for technology adoption. CTP provides the details for all the critical touch points within the traditional design documents, ensuring a cohesive and properly sequenced implementation plan for a Digital IoT Building that works within the same construction processes that assembles steel, concrete, wood, glass and wire. The CTP process enhances biddable construction documents that contain the critical elements to construct a future proofed, flexible, extensible real estate asset that is built on a simpler but more functional technology architecture that also lowers material and labor costs. CTP demystifies technology and how to adopt it for ecosystem players such as architects, engineers and general contractors enabling apath forward to the successful adoption of leading edge solutions.

Bid Process

Having executed an enhanced specification the CTP provides support to the bid process as you engage contactors that will be responsible for building or migrating your property. As technology focused RFI’s are submitted CTP will provide content and support where needed to ensure the efficacy of the bid process. CTP will highlight enhancements to the technology focused areas of the construction documents. CTP provides the focus to empower you to set new expectations with for the construction process.


We ensure the proper sequencing exists between the construction schedule and technology build efforts. We engage in critical communications between technology experts, construction team members, commissioning agents, ownership and property management to ensure efficiency in technology adoption in and around the traditional construction efforts.


We ensure technology elements that are critical for commissioning are complete and that all documentation is ready to support traditional efforts. In addition as the IoT platform solutions are completed we work with the technology solutions providers to develop and implement a test plan to ensure full functionality and optimal performance for all IoT Digital Building systems.


During the build and commissioning phases of a project our team will work with the planned property management team to define an optimal state for the CoreSync Platform system. This will be the basis for defining how the Property Management Staff will leverage the technology to continually improve operations. The CTP will educate and train your PM staff on the IoT Systems ensuring proper monitoring, maintenance, reporting, enforcement, and ongoing optimization of the real estate asset.